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Transform your habits into personal success with HabitHive ā€“ the ultimate accountability companion. Witness your daily progress, explore insightful stats, and supercharge your motivation. Whether you're conquering goals solo or buzzing with a group, HabitHive will make sure you stay in the loop!

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Track your progress

Effortlessly monitor your journey towards building new habits. Our intuitive tracking system empowers you to keep a finger on the pulse of your personal growth. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a clear picture of your daily accomplishments.

Habit Hive insights

Get insights

Uncover the secrets to your success through a treasure trove of insights, including invaluable streaks and daily habit completion rates. Gain a profound understanding of your journey by tracking your streaks ā€“ a visual testament to your dedication. Delve into your daily habit completion rates to discern patterns, celebrate milestones, and fine-tune your approach, ensuring your path to self-improvement is paved with knowledge and achievement.

Habit Hive sync data

Sync with others

Forge stronger connections by joining forces with friends or like-minded individuals on your habit-building expedition. Sync your efforts, share your successes, and foster a sense of camaraderie as you collectively strive towards achieving your goals. Together, you'll experience the joy of growth and accomplishment.

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Stay accountable

Bid farewell to inconsistency as our app creates a robust framework of accountability around your habits. With the power to invite friends into your habit group, you're not just answerable to yourself but to a supportive community. Witness your motivation skyrocket as you contribute to your personal progress and the group's triumphs.


Extremely useful

I sometimes lose track of the chores I should be doing, a friend recommended this app and it has changed my daily routine completely. Love it so much!

Good group habit tracker

Well designed app with good habit tracking features

Very useful app!

Great app to help me keep up with my daily tasks and build good habits!

Really good app

Great app, very useful for tracking mine and my friends habits! Iā€™m really enjoying using it so far

Your perfect productivity companion

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